CSTIP’s goal is to strengthen and expand the community of researchers who study how governance, broadly construed, shapes the rate and direction of knowledge creation and technological change, and how science and technology, in turn, contribute to societal innovation. The faculty and graduate students associated with the Center carry out research on a wide range of issues. We organize and participate in events to share our ideas with the community and to learn from others. We reach out in order to shape the ideas of policy-makers, stakeholders in science, technology, and innovation, and the broader public around the world.

We define governance very broadly. Although we are based in a School of Policy and Government and thus deeply interested in the role of the formal institutions of government and policy-making, we also encompass the influence of private, non-profit, and informal institutions within the concept of governance. The decision to adopt a new technology or to invest in a high-tech business or to take one’s knowledge of science and technology to a new organization or a new country – all of these are shaped by many kinds of governance institutions. CSTIP’s challenge to its researchers is to make sense of this complexity, whether through a historical lens, quantitative modeling, comparative analysis, or any other appropriate set of tools.

We are open to students and colleagues with interests in any substantive area. From clean energy to national security from regional economic development to STEM education and home and abroad…we welcome it. We seek to engage with the world of practice as well as the world of theory and to serve as a useful bridge between the two.