Student Conferences

The STGlobal Consortium

The STGlobal Consortium is a group of universities with students interested in science & technology studies (STS), science & technology policy (STP), and other related topics.  Each year, graduate students from the member schools organize a graduate student-centered international conference in Washington, DC. The conference provides students with an opportunity to present their original research within a supportive community, gather critical feedback on works-in-progress, network with students in related fields, and attend professional development lectures.

Technology Management Policy Graduate Consortium

“Beginning in 2002, a number of graduate programmes which focus on technology, management and public policy created a “graduate consortium” that brings together faculty and advanced students from each programme at the beginning of each summer. These meetings are built around the interdisciplinary work being conducted by graduate students who give research presentations (either platform talks or posters), which provides an opportunity to get feedback from faculty and their fellow students. The objective of the meeting is to help students build a sense of global community, to network and develop a better sense of where their work fits in the broader community of scholarship, and to learn about how programmes at other institutions are structured and what they are doing.”

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