The core and affiliated faculty of CSTIP carry out research projects, work with students on courses, projects, and dissertations, and reach out to the academic and policy research communities. CSTIP takes an interdisciplinary approach to the complex and dynamic subjects that make up its agenda.

CSTIP also welcomes student participants and affiliates from all of the Schar School’s programs. Students support one another’s academic and intellectual endeavors, help to organize events, and share their research. Masters students at Schar are generally working professionals. CSTIP welcomes those who are working in the field of science and technology policy, or who are aspire to do so, to affiliate with the center and to share their interests and expertise. Doctoral students associated with CSTIP work with faculty as research assistants and collaborators. They also carry out research projects of their own design, culminating in dissertations that certify them as independent members of the policy research community.